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Buy Ethereum based collectibles with only a PayPal account and an Enjin/Eth ERC-1155 compatible cryptocurrency wallet.

FT - Fungible Tokens

An FT token can be exchanged to any other token of the same type. If we make an analogy with the fiat currency - a dollar bill can be exchanged for any other dollar bill and that makes no difference for the holders.

All tokens of the same type are identical in specification, each FT token is identical to another.

Fungible Tokens are divisible into smaller units and it doesn't matter which units you get as long as the value is the same. In analogy with the dollar, it's the same if you get a 1 dollar bill or 2 50 cents.

NFT - Non-Fungible Tokens

Not Interchangeable.
NFTs cannot be replaced with another NFT of the same type. If you lend a token to someone else you expect that person to return you with the same token and not another of the same type, Example you cannot exchange your birth certificate for a birth certificate of another person.

Each NFT is unique and different to all other tokens of the same type

NFTs cannot be divided. The elementary unit is one token and one token only.


We believe decentralized collectibles NFT/FT assets will fuel a new type of craze within the blockchain community opening up avenues for traditional gamers/trading card collectors to expand their future ideas on blockchain in games.

BTCM offers a growing selection of rare and interesting blockchain collectible assets that can be traded like a traditional cryptocurrency coin. Our assets are digitally backed to Enjin coin, This allows the assets to gain value from multiple scenarios including, Enjin coin value increase, and the premium you sell and trade.

Asset Factory.

Create your own blockchain collectibles with Asset Factory. Input your requirements and we will do the rest.

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